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Blog #2 A Customer's Experience with Big O

Here's another blog, a letter from a customer -

Oscar, thank you so very much again. You went above and beyond what you needed to do to help me, not only get out but to get me to my hotel safely. If there is any way I can repay your kindness please let me know. I'd still be there if it weren't for you.
I do not allow myself to be abused by the system, cops, jail, or anyone else. I respect the system, believe in it, but in this case it made a bad mistake and the only way mistakes are corrected is by making the party involved suffer a consequence so they think twice next time.
I am not intimidated by them one little bit. Like children, they do not learn until they are punished. They do NOT have the right to lock people up for three day's incommunicado. I have traveled the world, and have never fel more oppressed than in that jail in my own country. Those people need a wake up call.


Blog # 1 Bail Reform

by Oscar Asiain

Bail reform is sweeping the jails clean.  Going to the Clark County Detention Center in Las Vegas used to mean you were going to have to either get comfortable and ride it out in jail or be prepared to pay a licensed Las Vegas bail bondsman 15% plus a $50 filing fee. 

 Since most of the  

Las Vegas locals have to work and cannot wait the 48-72 hours plus the release time to get out of jail they would definitely require the services of a bail agent. If you don't work and don't have money, don't worry because the Las Vegas Justice Court is going to give you a better deal by reducing your bail regardless of charges based on your financial status.  Basically if two people are arrested for the same charges one would have to pay 15% of a $20000 bond compared to 15% of $3000 because he has less money. 

These new procedures began on February 12th 2018 by the Las Vegas Justice court in an attempt to dilute jail population. Is it fair? No, but what is fair?  

Obviously the other local jails in southern Nevada like the Henderson Detention Center and the Las Vegas City Jail that also houses inmates for the City of North Las Vegas are sure to follow suit. 

Recently an inmate at the Las Vargas City jail was released on their own recognizance or O.R. by the Las Vegas Municipal Court on a DUI.  When I first spoke to the inmate he had told me he had 3 or 4 prior arrests for DUI (he wasn't sure how many) and he was told his bail would be $15,000. By the time he was finally booked he was given a get out of jail card (O.R) and did not have to bail. 

Although it is common for inmates to get released by an O.R. for a first offense DUI, any prior arrests usually disqualify you for this and force people to seek the service of a licensed bail agent in Las Vegas. Obviously with bail reform things are changing.